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HRSA Insurance Update

Covid Testing & Vaccine Hours will vary for each location:

Dallas/Frisco Texas
(469) 905-3780
TPC/Stone Oak SATX
(210) 905-0663
Broadway/410 SATX
(210) 999-5523

Rapid / PCR  Test Available

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Healthcare Program

Our minimum requirements allow families, employers and dislocated workers to have easy access to primary healthcare

Memberships benefit anyone interested in saving on healthcare insurance, co-pays, medication etc.


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Center of Advanced Wellness Primary Care

At the Center of Advanced Wellness we specialize in primary care for children and adults of all ages.  Our providers are driven to treat you as a whole person. We diagnose and treat acute illness (including respiratory, gastrointestinal and urinary infections, lumps and rashes, scrapes and bruises) and chronic illnesses (diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid problems and many others). We provide routine health screenings and annual physicals (work, school, etc.), We coordinate care among your specialists.   Best yet, our collaborative team is ready to counsel you on lifestyle changes to prevent illness before it develops.

People who have a designated primary care facility live longer, in better health, and spend less on their care.  Why see a stranger for your concerns?  We’re ready to invest ourselves in your health.

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